Saturday Night Shenanigans

Hey friends!I know I’ve been gone for awhile but I’m back now. And that’s all ya’ll need to know, haha. Hope you all have been fine and Trump hasn’t drove any of you to a psych ward. I mean, he’s firing people left and right, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Not Obama, not Biden, not Jesus, not Satan, not even Krishna.

My week has been weird. I got sick out of nowhere with some weird fever that decided to attack me on a damn Monday. Literally, I was so hot, I felt like my body was on fire like Ghost Rider. It took me two days to realize I needed medicine, before that I was trying to shower with “cold” water and drink enough water to keep the fever down. Goodness, I’m a true blonde. But I’m back to myself now, and I’m glad.

Did I mention that I have insomnia, so I could just write and write and write the whole night, and not feel like killing myself?I could write Trump’s whole life story here and not flinch. I’m like the Terminator ya’ll, robots don’t need sleep. So without further ado, let’s get this Saturday party started!


I’m on YouTube, going down 90’s memory lane with music by Tamia, Mariah, Janet Jackson, Total, 112,Puffy and Notorious B.I.G, Cypress Hill, Tupac etc. But the brightest gem that I stumbled upon, was a video compilation of funny scenes between Martin and Pam, from the 90’s sitcom  Martin .

Martin Lawrence and Tichina Arnold are hilarious!I was laughing yesterday and I’m still laughing today. I loved how Pam would always make fun of Martin’s height by calling him names such as ” Arsenio Small”, or “Sidney Shortier” . She even called him a leprechaun haha!And Martin always had a comeback, calling Pam some sort of animal, mostly likening her to dogs, bears and horses. He was so crazy. Here’s the link:

Martin and Pam going at it!

Thanks for reading my post guys, and I wanted to remind ya’ll that I am in the process of customizing this mess, so that I can post actual videos, instead of just links. Please be patient, I have to pay money to give ya’ll the experience of a lifetime. Blogging doesn’t come cheap, and whoever tells you it does, tell them to try YouTube. Thanks, love you guys for your continued support!


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