The Best Part of Super Bowl 51

Lady Gaga’s performance was epic; the choreography, the synchronization, her piano playing and of course, her lovely vocals. As a former Gaga stan(extreme fan), I realized that I’ve missed her presence in my playlist, and I need to get back to being a Little Monster. But that wasn’t all, because every living human being  knows that the fun part of the Super Bowl, is the commercials!

Let me just ask my American followers, why did you let Wix have two commercials?On top of that, the next commercial after the first Wix one, was a damn Squarespace ad. Now pardon my ignorance, but shouldn’t those two companies be rivals?I mean, both are website-building sites, with beautiful templates and all.  I would hope both companies would separate their ads by a few slots, but I guess not. It was quite funny to notice though, like a Samsung ad following immediately after a Nokia one. Well, we see where Nokia is now, and it’s definitely not at the top. But I’m sure their come-back will be epic!

Speaking of the Wix ad, I loved the cameos of Jason Statham and Gal Gadot. Yes, they appeared in BOTH of the Wix ads, because they’re just so flawless. I see DC is doing everything it can to make Wonder Woman not flop. Nice work Gal!

Back to back: Finally the two martial artists find themselves back to back with a blowtorchBack to back: Finally the two martial artists find themselves back to back with a blowtorch

Dessert please! The gorgeous Gadot miraculously found an untainted piece of desert and asked: 'Can I have this to go?'

My squad is flawless!

Justin Bieber showed up in a T-Mobile ad, which was actually pretty fun. Former NFL star, Terrell Owens made a cameo too. It was hilarious watching him boogie down. Look at him and his gorgeous muscles, looking all fit in the background. Oh and I spot New England Patriots tight-end, Rob Gronkowski behind Justin. I’m pretty sure Rob was also in a Tide commercial. Must be nice to get paid for that.

Image result for t mobile justin bieber

DJ Khaled was in a Turbo Tax ad for some odd reason. I loved how he incorporated the same voice he uses for his songs in the commercial. Because nothing compares to Khaled screaming “WE THE BEST!” Okay, he didn’t say that, but I was secretly hoping that he would. It’s good to know that even Khaled is up to speed, when it comes to paying his taxes.

TurboTax TV Spot, 'The Exercise Program' Featuring DJ Khaled - Screenshot 2

Melissa McCarthy was in a hilarious ad for Kia. Basically, she was playing some kind of environmentalist who was always called upon to ‘save the planet’. You know the type, like DiCaprio’s obsession with a ‘green earth’. But she always ended up in funny situations. Like being chased by rhinos, or having a tree fall on her. It was most likely the funniest commercial, after the Sprint one. The Sprint commercial took shots at their rival, Verizon, which is hilarious considering their data plan. Oh ya’ll thought I don’t read American cellphone company data plans?A girl has to stay on her grind!

Melissa McCarthy being chased by a rhino in the 2017 Kia Niro Super Bowl commercial

There were too many ads,so I can’t mention all of them. But if you want to watch them, here’s a link:Top 10 Super Bowl 51 ads.

Don’t judge me, I can’t post actual videos cause I haven’t finished customizing my blog. Give a girl some time, you’ll be receiving links for now. Thanks to everyone for your continued support!


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