New Zealand Has A Whale Crisis

Over the weekend, while you were all probably relaxing in your beds, watching Netflix shows, more than 600 of these beauties pictured above, somehow washed up on the Golden Bay, in the South Island of New Zealand. Fortunately, the good people of New Zealand managed to save about 400 pilot whales, but sadly hundreds of other died.

Here’s the creepy part. So apparently, these whales explode. Let me type that again, the whales EXPLODE. So in order to stop them from exploding, workers in protective gear were cutting holes in the carcasses with knives and two-meter needles, literally like they were popping balloons, in order to release internal gases that were building up pressure.Read moreĀ 

This isn’t even the weirdest story I have heard out of Oceania, because Australia takes the cake when it comes to strange stories involving animals. New Zealand doesn’t actually have the deadly animals that Australia has, so think of it as what OZ would be if it was smaller, safer and less prone to snake attacks in the Outback.

Give me your thoughts, is this story crazy or what?



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