The Legendary Brock Lesnar Is Retiring From MMA

It is with a distraught heart, that I am announcing to any one of my followers, who lives under a rock, that Brock Lesnar, former UFC Heavyweight Champion, is giving up the octagon, according to a report by Marc Raimondi of This also means that Brock will no longer be subject to random drug tests by USADA.

So, I guess it’s all good,right?I mean, last year it was revealed that he had failed two drug tests, before and on the day of his July 9,UFC 200 fight with New Zealand’s Samoan Beast, Mark Hunt. Thus, his win against Hunt was overturned and he was suspended for a year, and he agreed to pay a settlement of $250,000 to the Nevada Attorney General’s office. Good God, that is a lot of money.

On the bright side, this probably means Brock is going to focus more on his career in the WWE. As a wrestling fan, I am super hyped to see more of Brock during Raw and PPV events. I would love to see him fight Roman Reigns again, probably because Roman is super eye-candy status, for the ladies and some boys too. HAHA!

Brock, we wish you the best in whatever endeavors you decide to pursue after this reveal. We hope to see you more in WWE, but if not, we wish you a happy life with your family, in serenity. One love to The Beast Incarnate!

How do you feel about Brock’s retirement?Tell me in the comments!



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